Custom-tailored curriculum centered to your personal strengths and interests while other aspects of musicianship are reinforced
    Students will not only work on repertoire and technique but also learn theory, aural skills, and general musicianship and develop a deeper appreciation for music.
After a student has been accepted for study following an interview and audition, goals for the studio year will be discussed and repertoire, technical exercises and theory assignments will be given.  
    Students should consider practicing a joy, a challenge and a time for creativity.  It is also a time for ‘relief’ from other stress producing activities.  Daily practice is essential for adequate progress.  Careful preparation results in consistent improvement and musical learning.   Recommended practice time per day is 30-45 minutes for beginners with time increasing as student advances.  Parental supervision is expected at this stage for young beginners.  Students are responsible for preparing each lesson to the best of their ability. Positive parental support is essential for students. 
    Playing for family, friends and colleagues, is highly encouraged especially for adult pianists. The aim of the studio is to produce well-rounded students.  Students are strongly encouraged to attend recitals and concerts and listen to recordings that are recommended. 
   Students have the opportunity to showcase their skills throughout the year in masterclasses, recitals, Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) Adjudications, and with some competitions and festivals.
    The Nyaho Piano Studio year usually begins in September and ends in June. Summer lessons are more sporadic and lighter. A detailed policy and contract is handed out when accepted into the studio.
For each referral who commits to taking lessons from Nyaho Piano Studio, you will earn one FREE piano lesson!
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